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The Charity for Civil Servants (formerly the Civil Service Benevolent Fund)   (previously known as

The official website providing access to Acts of Parliament, Statutory Instruments, and other legislation, all freely available.
The Civil Service Pensioners' Alliance is the only body recognised by Government Departments as speaking for all Civil Service pensioners.
The official website for the UK Parliament.

The Type Museum. Since 1995 the collection has been housed in Stockwell.

The John Jarold Printing Museum is well-supported by ex HMSO staff.

Has several ex HMSO members (Ellis, Betts, Coleman, Eason, Warman, Walker) and overseas contacts.

The online, web building software used to create this web site.
Richard Nelson, ex HMSO GD, helps run the Dereham Jazz Society which promotes live jazz music every Wednesday at Lakeside Country Club, Lyng.

The Norfolk Youth Music Trust
This site is dedicated to those men and women who fell fighting for their country, and shows members of the staff of H M Stationery Office who lost their lives in the Great War 1914-1918.

TSO provides publishing, document and information management services in multiple formats and media for the public and private sectors.
The website of award-winning photographer and former HMSO employee Julia Holland.
CSSC Sports & Leisure website.
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